BHP 2020 - C1 Logement Individuel

BAUHÄREPRÄIS OAI 2020 Projet Nº 8550 Catégorie: Maison unifamiliale privée “...a Masterpiece” Maison passive unifamililale, Luxembourg Maître d'ouvrage: M et Mme Dackner, Luxembourg Architecte: arttek, 33 rue de la Gare, L-7535 Mersch. +352691305743 . . Mission complète. Maître d'ouvrage: M et Mme Dackner, Luxembourg. Ingénieur structure: Plan B, 68 rue de Koerich, L-8437 Steinfort. +352‭7395065. . Mission complète. Architecte de l'éclairage: ArchitecturaLLighting Maria Luisa Guerrieri Gonzaga, 29, Bd GD Charlotte L-1331 Luxembourg. +35226976153. www. . Energie: Cocert, 5, Zone d’Activités Economiques, Krakelshaff, L-3290 Bettembourg. +35226595642 . Sélection des concepteurs: par concours. Durée de conception: 18 mois Durée du chantier: 26 mois. Surface habitable: 279 m2. Coût de construction: 2,606 €/m2. Type de construction: béton, maçonnerie, CLT (bois massif), charpente en acier/bois. Façade: Bardage en bois. Toiture: toiture plate végétalisée. Surfaces intérieures: sols en pierre, chêne et carrelages; murs en CTL et Tripli; mobilier en acier inoxydable matte, et bois naturel. Quels enseignements tirez-vous de votre expérience en tant que maître d’ouvrage? This is not our first project with arttek. One lesson we learned from the first time of building with arttek, was how important it is to take the time during the conceptual stage to plan as many details as possible before beginning to build. So for example, in this second project, much of the furniture was designed as an integral part of the house concept, in particular the beds in the windows. Similarly, the interior and exterior lights became an integral part of the overall design. Thinking the project through as far as possible, helped us achieve a holistic result. Avez-vous des conseils à donner à de futurs maîtres d’ouvrages? Our advice to any future "maitres d'ouvrage" would be to listen as much as possible to the advice given. Architects deal with design problems on a daily basis - we don't. They know the latest technologies and trends which we could never hope to learn or overview. De quelle manière vos attentes ont-elles étés prises en compte par les concepteurs? Our expectations were very well met by our conceptual team. We tried to give general ideas and feelings and then let the team make suggestions. We tried to use their suggestions as much as possible, rather than impose our preconceptions on the project. We tried to let ourselves be guided rather than give instructions. D Equipment technique: pompe à chaleur, ventilation mécanique forcée, recyclage des eaux pluviales, chauffage au sol. Réalisation: par corps de métiers séparés. Descriptif du project: Giant sandstone boulders and a green roof screen this ‘Passivhaus’, from the street and anchor it to the verdant landscape of the Mamer valley. The bold cantilever over the carport signals the entrance which opens up into a large living space full of light. Niches for the family's momentos line the stair as a theatre of memory. A new design development is the ‘window bed’: bringing great views and natural light to mechanically adjustable beds which double up as recliners. On the roof, an innovative cooling system reduces summer heat loads by irrigating the sedum with harvested rainwater. The palette of materials chosen for their tactile qualities - glass, stone, wood, and steel - are left exposed in their natural state as far as is possible. In the loft-like living space the reverberation time is severely reduced using specially designed timber acoustic ceiling panels creating a calm and serene ambiance.